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I am an undergraduate student at IIT Dharwad doing major in Electrical Engineering. I am passionate about contributing to developer community and is associated with many community developer programs.

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My journey so far

All my academic and professional experience with some milestones achieved are summed up here:

Matic Network
Android Developer Intern Currently working as Android Developer Intern in Matic Network on the Matic Wallet app.
June 2020
Overall Co-ordinator Served as Overall Co-ordinator in PARSEC,the Annual Techfest of IIT Dharwad. Organized the first TechFest of IIT Dharwad with a team of 60 people. Refer here
Feb 2020
Inter-IIT Tech Meet 8.0
Sclumberger Coding hackathon Won Gold Medal at Inter-IIT Tech Meet 8.0, held at IIT Roorkee in December 2019. The Inter IIT Tech Meet 8.0 Coding Hackathon was organized in partnership with Schlumberger. The problem statement for this year's hackathon was: Roads' Leasing and Maintenance System. The team had to design a system for the government within 36 hours that could crowd-source data about road construction progress and also collect road quality feedback from the citizens. The team came up with a working prototype SAFE - Society for Accident Free Environment, with the strategy "Check and Balance" where the contractor claims their progress and the citizens verify it. See profile
Dec 2019
App-etite Hackathon Winner Secured First position in Appe-etite Hackathon in Meraz,the Annual Techno-Cultural Fest of IIT Bhilai. We came up with an app by leveraging the apis of Stackoverflow and optimised the client side code. The app also had voice and image scan feature for registering questions as input. GitHub Link
Nov 2019
General Secretary, Technical Affairs Elected as the new General Secretary, Technical Affairs of IIT Dharwad for the academic session 2019-20.
April 2019
GitHub Campus Expert As a GitHub Campus Expert, we receive training and mentorship from GitHub employees, opportunities to participate in exclusive events, and support to help students grow the developer community at our university. See profile
Feb 2019
Founded Open Student Society (OSS) Open Student Society (OSS) is a open source community for students to join together to develop, innovate, share and grow together as a community. It is important to note that OSS is not a club, rather a community that welcomes students, from all branches and walks of life, to participate and contribute. Some of the goals we intend to achieve with you include:
- Organize workshops, hackfests, and other great events!
- Share skills, information, and resources among students to transform our society.
- Support, create and work on revolutionary Projects for public benefit.
- Make strong relations to build an OSS'M ('awesome') community.
Read more
Feb 2019
Developer Student Club Lead DSC is a Google Developers program aimed for university students to help them build their mobile, web, machine learning, cloud skills. It is open to any student, ranging from novice developers who are just starting, to advanced developers who want to further enhance their skills. It is intended to be a platform for students to learn and collaborate as they solve problems around them with the help of technology. Read more
Jan 2019
Jio Developer Hackathon: Solve for Million Stood Fourth Position in Coding Hackathon in Inter-IIT Tech Meet 2018 organized by Reliance Jio in IIT Bombay. See certificate
Dec 2018
App developer Intern at Texopanda It was a one month project to build an app for a college fest. Our team consisted of 3 members and it was great working with all of them. See certificate
Jul - Aug 2018
App Developer Intern at YEF I worked as an Android app developer intern in Youth Empowerment Foundation(YEF), an NGO that focuses on education, skill training , livelihood projects, healthcare facilities etc in Delhi & Ranchi. I worked for free as a small contribution to give back to society. See certificate
April - May 2018
SDE intern at TCS - IISc Bangalore This was a summer internship from March 1, 2018, to July 26, 2018, in Innovation Hub, IISc for a collaborative project of TCS and IISc. I worked as an App developer and created an Android solution for a Smart Wearable device. I developed an interface on top of the BP algorithm that uses PPG (Photoplethysmogram) and ECG (Electrocardiogram) signals, replacing the existing techniques to decrease the complexity of overall devices and also increases the precision level. I was working under Prof. Amaresh Chakrabarti, Head, Innovation Lab and Chairman, Center of Product Design and Manufacturing and mentor Meghana Shadaksharaiah, Biomedical Engineer at TCS, IIsc Bangalore Campus. See certificate
Mar - July 2018
Panasonic Ratti Chattr Scholar One of the 30 students in India selected for the Panasonic Ratti Chattr Scholarship 2018. The Felicitation ceremony was held at New Delhi and was honoured to receive scholarship award of ₹ 1,70,000 from Amitabh Kant ,CEO, NITI Aayog, Manish Sharma ,CEO, Panasonic India & South Asia and many other distinguised guests. See Pics
Oct 2017
IIT Dharwad
Joined IIT Dharwad My 4 year B.Tech journey started as an Electrical Engineer. Started exploring width opportunities instead of depth ones.
Aug 2017

My Projects

Some of my open source projects. Others could not be displayed due to patent or copyright issues.


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My Blog

Sharing my tech knowledge through my blogs

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